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Everyone loves swimming during hot summer days. Playing with family, friends, or relaxing by the pool and working on your tan are why you got a swimming pool in the first place. But when you’re maintaining your own pool, it can take the fun right out of it. Instead of your pool being a place to relax, it can become another chore on the “to-do” list.

Fortunately, you can hire Modesto Pool Services and let us handle the rest. We keep your water clear, clean, and swim-ready all year. Our professional pool technicians show up weekly, balance your pool chemistry, clean your swimming pool and bring a new level of professionalism to the industry. With Modesto Pool Services, you can focus on having fun with your pool – we’ll do the rest.

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Pool Cleaning & Repairs

Water problems are no problem for Modesto Pool Services. Save yourself the hard work and long hours, let us maintain and repair your swimming pool. We offer dependable and affordable pool cleaning and repairs throughout the Central Valley and we show up weekly.

Our Modesto Pool Services

Monthly Pool Service: We offer two monthly pool service packages. Chemical service and full-service. With our chemical service, we come weekly and balance your pool chemistry. We test your water pH, chlorine levels, and more. Then we balance your swimming pool chemistry to make sure your water is always clean and sanitary.

With our full-service pool cleaning, we do it all. We come weekly, balance your chemicals and we sweep your pool, skim the water, clean the leaves out of your filter basket and sweep, clean your filter several times per year, and monitor your equipment so that you always know what’s going on. If there are any problems with your equipment, we can handle them for you. In short, if you need reliable pool service in Modesto, we have you covered.

Spa Cleaning Services: Our Modesto pool service can clean your spa right alongside of your pool. Whether you’re dealing with cloudy water, algae, or simply need it maintained, we can keep it balanced, clear, and ready for a relaxing spa session.

Drain & Stain Removal: There are two main reasons to drain your swimming pool. The first is that it’s been unmaintained for an extended period of time. When a pool isn’t balanced regularly, algae can overtake the swimming pool making the water very unsanitary and stain your plaster. The second reason is that your pool has high total dissolved solids. In this scenario, we drain the water and re-balance your pool’s chemistry.

Our stain removal process involves chlorine washing, scrubbing, and pressure washing your plaster. This removes many of the stains created by algae and restores its luster.

Pool Filter Cleaning: Your filter cleans all of the gunk out of your water so it’s a critical component to keeping your pool clean, clear, and swim-ready. In fact, it’s impossible to keep your water clear without a dirty filter. That’s why we clean your pool filter twice a year as part of our full-service package.

Pool Pump Installation & Repair: Your pool pump is like the heart of your swimming pool. It pumps the water through your pool and runs your pool sweep. Without a proper functioning pump, your pool will turn green because it can’t effectively circulate your water, the chemicals in it, or clean the debris by running it through the filter. If your pump is acting up, or your equipment’s dated and needs replacing, we can handle it for you. Our professional repair & installation technicians have the experience necessary to ensure every installation and repair is done right the first time.

Pool Equipment Monitoring: As part of our pool service packages, we monitor your equipment to ensure it’s always running properly. If there’s an issue coming in the near future, something that needs to be fixed/replaced, etc. we’ll make sure you know about the problem right away.

System Tune-Ups: Is your pool having trouble running efficiently? Our expert technicians will inspect your equipment and find out what’s happening and get your swimming pool running smoothly again. You may need a system cleaning, part replaced or a repair to get it working again. Our technicians can handle the repair, cleaning, or replacement quickly and efficiently.

Salt Water Swimming Pool Maintenance: Looking for service and maintenance for your saltwater pool? Our experts can clean and maintain your saltwater pool as well as perform repairs on saltwater pool equipment.

Pool Repairs: Every swimming pool needs regular maintenance from time to time. Whether it’s your pump, sweep, filter change, or something else, our experts can help. Reach out to us today and we can send a technician to your home or commercial property to take a look and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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