Our Modesto Pool Service Packages

Make your pool look great with our pool service packages

Weekly Pool Service

Enjoy your pool all year without the hassle or stress. With our weekly pool cleaning service, we come each week to handle all of the maintenance on your swimming pool. This keeps your water sparkling, clear, and ready for swimming anytime you want.

We offer two packages for your convenience. The first is chemical only. With this service, we come weekly to balance your swimming pools chemistry. This means we check your waters pH and chemical levels and then balance them out to ensure your pool is sanitary, clear, and fun for you.

We also offer full-service pool cleaning. With this package, we come weekly to balance your chemicals as well. But we also sweep your swimming pool, skim the leaves, empty your pool sweep and filter basket, and even clean your pool filter a few times a year.

Additionally, with both packages, we monitor your equipment so that it’s always running properly. If there are any problems coming down the line, we’ll let you know ahead of time and we can perform the repairs for you.

High-Quality, Professional Chemicals

At Modesto Pool Services, we use only the highest-quality, professional-grade chemicals and sanitizers. Our chemicals are proven to keep your water clear, prevent algae, bacteria, viruses and keep your swimming pool sanitary for you and your family.

Pool Equipment Monitoring & Repairs

Your pool equipment is the heart of your Modesto swimming pool. It keeps your water circulating, cleans impurities, and helps us keep your pool clean and clear at all times. Because it’s so important, we make sure to monitor your equipment and keep it running efficiently.

If your pool equipment hasn’t been serviced in a while or isn’t running properly, then give us a call and we’ll send a trained professional technician out to inspect your equipment. The technician will troubleshoot your system to find out what’s happening. From there, they’ll provide you with a quote. Upon your approval, they can perform the repair or replacement and get your equipment running smoothly again.

Troubleshooting process:

  • Inspecting your pumps and seals to make sure they’re not leaking or causing pressure loss.
  • Inspecting your skimmer basket and sweep to ensure there aren’t clogs or pressure loss.
  • Inspecting your timer and that your timing is set properly.
  • Inspecting and troubleshooting your pump to ensure pressure is correct/being maintained.
  • Inspecting your filter.
  • And troubleshooting all other equipment to ensure it’s running properly.