Pool Draining & Stain Removal

Modesto Swimming Pool Draining & Stain Removal Service

Swimming Pool Draining

When you need your pool drained and cleaned, call us. We offer affordable pool draining, stain removal, and we can refill and re-balance your pools chemistry to get it back to clear. Its common for swimming pools to need draining periodically. There are usually two reasons for this. First, it could be that your pool has been sitting without service for a long time and needs to be drained, cleaned and refilled.

The second reason is that your pool has high total dissolved solids (TDS) and needs new water. Whatever the reason is, you can call us and we can help.

We drain your pool properly so that you’re not dealing with a flooded yard or getting city citations for improper draining. It’s important that drains be done in compliance with the local rules and regulations and as a professional Modesto pool service, we know the rules well. If you need your swimming pool drained or have questions, reach out to our team today.

Stain Removal

If your pool has been sitting without service for an extended period of time, then it has almost certainly developed algae. When this happens, you’ll most likely need stain removal to kill and remove algae blooms that have occurred within the pool plaster. Simply replacing the water will leave your pool with a dingy, green/yellow looking appearance.

Fortunately, we can easily clean your pool to remove the stains after draining it. Our process is gentle so that we don’t damage your pool plaster any further. To perform a stain removal, your technician will first need to drain your pool. From there, we use potent chlorine to wash your plaster and scrub it with abrasive brushes. After that, we spray it with a pressurized hose that isn’t strong enough to damage plaster but works perfectly for algae and stains. Our process is very effective at removing the majority of stains without damaging your swimming pool.

In some circumstances, if the pool has been severely neglected or allowed to sit for a long time, no amount of stain removal can remove the deep stains. In these instances, acid washing or replastering would be needed. However, you often won’t know if these are needed until the initial stain removal process is performed.

Refilling & Balancing Your Swimming Pool

After draining your pool and removing the stains, we can refill your swimming pool and balance the chemicals. It’s important that your pool is refilled quickly so that your plaster isn’t exposed to the sun for longer than necessary. Additionally, it’s critical to balance your new water right away. This will start your pool off on the right foot and ensure your water doesn’t return to green right away. From that point, you can hire us for regular pool service or take over the routine care and maintenance.